ROV Project from Croatia

Hi everybody! My name is Ivan. I decided to post project I am working on in free time lately.

My goal is to make Rov able to withstand max depth of 300m (1000ft) and trouble free working depth of 200m.

Layout will be similar to bluerov, for now I will try to use NTM 2836 750kv motors in oil filled and pressure compensated houings, I have yet to begin work on them. Second option is to get T200 trusters.

Housing will be 100mm diam aluminum tube with wall thickness of 5mm, endcap is 7mm thick.

Flanges are currently machined, tube is already cut and seats are finished.

Inner frame is made on small cnc I can ocassionaly use, i used same 7mm thick marine aluminum plate that I used for endcap and dome flange, it is painted with epoxy primer and automotive paint.

Esc-s are hobbyking 30A with removed housing and attached on frame plate with thermal pad to transmit heat, still need to order one more as they only had 5 first time I ordered.

Control is Pixhawk with Raspberry as in Bluerov as i dont have that good programing skills to do it myself so will use finished code. I will try to use data ower power line to get at least 300m of tether which should be as thin as possible.

Will try to update as I make some progress


Impressive fabrication skills!

Nice work! I look forward to following along.


Made some progress on housing and frame, in meantime i made some lights from aluminum, didnt want to overcomplicate so i made them sealed permanent. Frame is made from high strenght expanded pvc and aluminium profiles, seats are plexi, still left to make mounts for tube.