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Project sprov norway

(Stian) #1


i have been working with a rov project for a while.

The rov is 75cm x 38cm x 45cm

I am using t100 thrusters for horistontal and lateral.

The vertical thruster i have made myself.

They are oilfilled with a brushless motor and planetary gear. The thrust force is approx 3.2kg each. The plan was to made all thrustes, but i saw this great thrusters, and decide to use them instead. Maybe i will change out the vert thrusters also. The T100 thusters do take less space.

The frame is made by PE, and boyancy is original bouyancy used for rov offshore. Cut to fit, and covered by epoxy filler and polyurethane paint

The electronic is put together by ecs from hobbyking, and rovcontrol system from rovasia. I was lucky and get two complete system from rovasia, before they became unseriouse. So i have one in spare.:slight_smile:

The camerahouse is an old subseahousing that have been modified with dome port, and milled down to reduce weight. I am going to have a pan&tilt unit inside.

The lights is some 10w ledlights ordered from ebay, that i changed cables on and molded inside with 3m scotchcast.

The pressure housing for the electronic am i still working with. I have a subsea stainless housing that is going to be modified and milled thinner to reduce weight.

The topside controll is fitted in a pelicase, with 10,2" screen.

The system is going to be powered by 4 pcs 3s lipo 5500mAh subsea, and one 3s lipo 5500mAh topside.

Controlled via cat-cable and reel with slipring.

(Paul) #2

Nice! Could you share more info on how you built your lights? What lamp did you use?

(Stian) #3

the lamp i used is like the one in link from ebay.


I open the back part off the light.

Drilled a larger hole on the side for the cable.

Sealed the small holes inside that goes to the led.

Filled the emty room with electronic in the back with 3M scotchcast, and reinstalled the cover.

The front of the light is made off solid glass dome with seals, so here, i think, is no need for modification.

(Kevin) #4

You might also take a look at these underwater LEDs from JuiceRobotics.com


(Paul) #5

@Stian - Have you tested the lights yet? What sort of materials is the housing made from?

@Kevin - Thanks for the link, interesting site. I am considering potting some cheap LED’s myself and looking for ideas. I wonder what epoxy they’re using, perhaps a clear, casting acrylic resin?

(Stian) #6

i have pressure tested them to 160m. I work with rov offshore, and used the opertunity to put them on during a dive for pressure test.

They are made off aluminium.

(Paul) #7

@Stian - Awesome, thanks for the info! :smiley:

(Kevin) #8

@Paul - contact Matt Jewell (matt@juicerobotics.com) for more details on the lights. He’s a great guy and I know that he spent a good bit of time and experimentation with potting.

(Paul) #9

@Kevin - Thanks, I may do that.

(Harold Scadden) #10

One of the epoxy compounds that I have used and with VERY good results is the combination of RE2039 and HD3561. You can look at the technical data sheet at: http://scottsales.com/tds.html

Select the PDF that is the combination of the two materials. This epoxy is outstanding for potting because it will not allow wicking down wires etc. Now if you are using PTFE or other wire that has a similiar chemistry for the insulation … that is a whole mess to itself. For regular wire insulation compounds it is outstanding and I have done open face testing for test connectors to 1000 psi, in water, using this epoxy to seal an item.

This isn’t exactly cheap stuff for the hobby market, but it is worth the price!


(Dave) #11

Hi stian,

your ROV is looking really good. I’d like to do something similar for a control station. Please keep us updated with your progress and how well the rovasia boards work

(Stian) #12


I will update.

(Tim Pierce) #13

That is one Shiny looking ROV!

(Miguel Angel Lopez) #14

Hi Stian,

your ROV looks amazing! :slight_smile: I am very interested in the dome. Is it possible to know where did you buy? Have you tested the camera housing?


(Stian) #15

Thanks for that!!
I have not bought the camera housing. I had an old subseahousing, and cut it in half. Then i milled it to make it lighter, and fitted for the custom made acrylic dome.

I working with rov offshore in the northsea, so i took the opertuneties to testdive the camerahousing to 160m. All good:-)