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ROV power supply design

Hi everyone,
i am planning to design a power system of 3500w for my ROV. can anyone help me to do this?

I don’t think it would be responsible to offer advice about designing a system the operates on dangerous high voltages. There are a lot of safety regulations that have to be followed.

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Aw, c’mon, be a sport and help the guy out. What could possibly go wrong?Safety 3rd

3500W seems a bit excessive for a small ROV, if you could lower your power requirements you can head over to TI’s Webench, enter your requirements and it’ll design it for you.

I just tried a 1600W 400v PSU running from 110-240VAC and it came up with 5 different designs.

But do bear in mind @gcelec’s comments; unless you really know what you’re doing this could be a very dangerous enterprise.

Better to head over to Ailbaba where they sell 600V/3.3kW units for around $300.