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Report on internally mounted GPS sensor

Perfect! Thanks!

Now one more question: Is there a way to get latitude / longitude / time from QGC, such as a log file that I could post process later?

Hi @paul-unterweiser,

Yes, you can get this information from .tlog files.
To facilitate the post process, you can transform the necessary data in .csv
E.g: mavlogdump.py file.tlog --format csv --types GPS_RAW_INT >> gps_info.csv
To check the messages information, take a look here.

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Thanks! Are there any plans to support NMEA 0183 data serial output? That way we could communicate with other apps / hardware in real time.

@paul-unterweiser Can you give an example of an application for this? It’s certainly possible, but I would like to hear some use cases to determine the best way of going about it.

@jwalser Use case: GPS output for an onboard 3rd party side scan system. I can see this working with a surface GPS and the Water Linked system in the future.

@jwalser - +1 to what Kevin said. Here’s more info on NMEA 0183 sentences (and in particular the RMC sentence).

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Hello Jacob,

Is there any documentation about these scripts? I want to connect a GPS to the pixhawk and use the BlueROV parts to build a surface vehicle but I am having a hard time finding a GPS compatible with Pixhawk 1, so maybe a GPS connected via the raspberry would be a better option.