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Replacement bearings for BlueROV T100 thruster

Had my bearings broke and really planned to go on a dive next week, are there anyone who know what kinda bearings it is? Where i possible can get an replacement? Seems like its 7.65 outside diameter and 5.5 on the collar inside the magnetic rotation device :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Thorleif,

Sorry you’re having trouble! I’ve answered your email about this and we’ll get new bearings sent to you.

For anyone else reading in, the bearings are not particularly easy to order in small quantities so it’s best to contact us. Generally, these bearings should not need to be replaced at all during the lifetime of the thruster.


Seems like I misunderstood what the bearing was, since I never have seend the picture of it i thought the bearing was cylindrical thing. Seems more like the bearing is a seen in profile “T” shaped thing with hole in it, which is still in perfectly working order. The thing i had which was crushed was the plastic in between the two bearings. Which means the whole motor seized somehow. :stuck_out_tongue: