Red LED Indicator (matlab)

Hello everyone,

I am trying to control thrusters through Matlab via Arduino using Arduino libraries. The motor is treated as a servo object.

Using WritePosition servo function with values between 0 and 1, the thruster works, but there is a red LED indicator lighting on. At other times, the thruster would just work for instant and turn off (and the red LED will light on).

what does the red LED indicator on BasicESC mean?

P.S. Using Arduino IDE, the thruster works normally. Can anyone refer me please to some Arduino to Matlab libraries online?

Hi Yousef,

If possible, I would recommend using the Arduino function writeMicroseconds, which is also part of the Servo library. That function will allow you to direct send the proper control pulse, which varies from 1100 µs (full reverse) to 1500 µs (stopped) to 1900 µs (full forward).