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Arduino function for the ESC

(Richard) #1

I am just getting started with shifting from PBasic (Basic Stamp) to Arduino C (Arduino uno)for my rover project. In PBasic I just send out a PULSOUT(msec) command. What do you normally use with Arduino C? I can certainly just write a HIGH-PAUSE(msec)- LOW function or is something else a better choice?

(Richard) #2

I would appreciate any improvements to my first very basic thruster control program using Arduino:


blue-robotics-basic-thruster-control-program-using-remote-potentiometers (12.2 KB)

(Rusty) #3


I would recommend using the Servo library and the writeMicroseconds(msec) function. Check out our example Arduino code: http://docs.bluerobotics.com/besc/#example-code