Recommendations for 3rd party companies

Hello everyone,

I was looking for the 3rd parties company/store that selling miscellaneous specifically:
Underwater connectors with high current connectors. Basically idea is find such connectors that somehow would work under pressure underwater (about 50 meters) and it would possible to connect and disconnect for charging batteries using secured sealed connection like rotating/clamping/latching.

If you know smth like that can you share with that here.

Hi @nurjan14,

I don’t have particular recommendations for this. If it’s of interest, this thread discusses charging in a watertight enclosure (which is not something we generally recommend).

How much current is high current in your application? Do you need something that is able to wet mate?
I really like the Blue Trail Engineering connectors, but they aren’t wet mate if that’s what you’re looking for.


Looks cool, I think this might work, thanks for sharing.

About the wet mate I am not sure need to check they got a lot stuff.

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