Recommendation for portable HDMI capable monitor

I need a recommendation for a quality HDMI capable, outdoor/bright sun readable, portable, rechargeable LCD monitor, around 7-9" screen size.

Try the DJI ultra bright.

have you looked at “Lilliput monitors, I use them in the field all the time.


On the subject of monitors, although not as small as 9"…

You can take apart any modern-ish laptop or LCD monitor, type the code you find on the LCD panel into eBay with the words ‘Monitor Driver Board’ and you will find a pc board that plugs into that LCD panel, is powered by 12VDC, has HDMI, VGA, and Composite (RCA) video inputs. For around $35. US

If it’s not bright enough to compete with sunlight build a black-painted cardboard frame around it, a shadow-box.