Camera to laptop to monitor resolution question

Hi all,

Am looking at using an open frame sunlight readable screen for my BlueROV2 setup rather than buying a highend high brightness laptop. But I’m not sure how HDMI pass through works. If I have the 1080 camera going to a 720 laptop, which is then pushed to a 1080 screen via HDMI, will the screen display in 720? (ie the laptop screen resolution is mirrored, not the camera resolution).


Hi Marcus, to the best of my knowledge this depends on the capability of graphics adapter in the laptop, if the graphics card can display 1080p then, regardless of the internal display, your external screen should work in the native camera resolution. Of course, if you mirror the screen then you will be limited to 720p - you need to work with the lowest common denominator.

However, this isn’t a given; if you are importing video via USB then the driver/ intermediary software will have a say in the process. If these guys aren’t playing ball then you could always run the video feed directly into the external display via one of the many converters available on the market (e.g. Composite video - HDMI), there are also converters which work in the digital domain (‘re-clockers’) but your camera needs to have the appropriate output.

Hi Marcus,

Since you are mirroring the screens, I’m fairly certain that the external display will be downgraded to 720p quality. I’ve never seen a set of mirrored screens that are operating at different resolutions.


ok thanks, I thought that would be the case