Real-time video enhancement software for Blue Robotics ROVs

Tired of hazy videos in turbid water? Then Clarifier 1.0 is the solution you longed for. The Clarifier largely removes water turbidity effects and enhances shapes for clearer and crisp underwater camera inspections even in the harshest conditions. The Clarifier works in real-time. Latency (250msec)
Increases visual clarity by x2-3 on average
Expands the visibility radius by at least 40% even in highly turbid environments.
Performance independently verified by American Bureau of Shipping
In less turbid environments these improvement factors increase.
The Clarifier cuts inspection time by 50% on average.
Works independently from navigation systems.
For topside external connection use ethernet connectors RJ45, Blue Robotics ethernet switch compatible with Fathom-X Tether Interface Board (connectivity instructions shown on switch page, connect the laptop as an ethernet device IP static:

The Clarifier runs on Windows PC with NVDIA RTX 3050 or higher.

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For more information and demo videos visit Clarifier demos