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Raspberry Pi Camera


(Haider Iftikhar) #1

hi guys,
The video that qgroundcontrol streams is an HD video but when i manually record the video through Raspberry Pi the quality of the video is very low, where seems to be the problem?

(Jacob) #2

How are you recording the video? Can you share the command that you are using?]


(Haider Iftikhar) #3

Hi Jacob,
“Raspivid -o testvid.h264 -k” this is the command that i am using.
Is there any other command to save or preview the video in HD? Because there is alot of difference between the Qground control stream and the video that i am saving manually.

(Jacob) #4

There are a lot of options for the raspivid command. These options allow you to specify things like the frame size and bitrate. I’m not sure why your video is low resolution, as it appears that the max resolution is the default. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the -k option is under development. The command we use for the stream is here. You could just replace everything that comes after --output with a filename to save to.

Are you attempting to record video and stream simultaneously?

(Haider Iftikhar) #5

i actually need to implement image processing on the live video feed. Currently i am only saving the video. Do i need to type the last to commands, because i am not streaming the video.

(Jacob) #6

In that case, you can just go about it however you like, I’d think that there are many instructions online on how to do this with the Raspberry Pi. Do you want to implement the image processing on the Raspberry Pi itself, or offload the processing to a different computer?

You can stop the stream from starting at boot by removing the line
screen -dm -S video /home/pi/companion/RPI2/Raspbian/start_video.sh
from /etc/rc.local on the Pi.