Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 on BlueOS

Hi @Itaru, welcome!

I’m the main maintainer of our stream software (Mavlink Camera Manager), and up to this date, Pi v3 cameras are not yet supported by it, unfortunately.

It is on our plans to add support for it, but there are other parts of the software that need to be handled first.

Until then, it should be possible to achieve it by developing a BlueOS extension, which is a docker container that can be installed on BlueOS to extend its functionality.

If you feel comfortable configuring a simple docker with a simple bash script as a service, I can guide you on how to use GStreamer with libcamera.

The idea would be a docker with GStreamer and libcamera installed that runs a bash script when it starts. This bash script would simply contain a pipeline using the libcamerasrc element, sending the stream to your QGS computer’s IP address, and (optionally) an HTTP post request to Mavlink Camera Manager to create a redirect Mavlink Camera so your GCS can talk to it.

Let me know if you want guidance on that,

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