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Question about max depth Bar02 pressure sensor can operate in

Hi. In the product page of the Bar02 Ultra High Resolution 10m Depth/Pressure Sensor it is mentioned that the pressure sensor can operate up to 10m depth, but my understanding is that the MS5837-02BA is rated for up to 1200mbar operating pressure (which should be ~12m H2O) and 2000mbar extended pressure (which is ~20m H2O). This means the pressure sensor should be able to work up to 20m H2O. Which is important to me because my application is expected to be operating at around up to 15m depth. Can I have a confirmation as to what the maximum water depth the Bar02 is expected to be able to operate to? Thanks in advance for any reply.

Hi Masterman,

Ambient pressure of the air also has to be taken into consideration. At sea level ambient pressure is around 1000mbar, this leaves another 1000mbar for the sensor to operate underwater. The Bar02 has been reliably used within the extended pressure range from 0-10m underwater. I haven’t heard of anyone going past 10m with the sensor, but it would definitely put the gel transducer at risk of breaking.


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