Question about Ultra High Resolution 10m Depth Sensor Bar02


I have a question about the 10M depth sensor, , I have seen that the resolution is .16mm , it’s perfect but I need the sensor to give me this precision at water level and 10 centimeters below it but I see something that I don’t understand in the technical details of the product…

-What is the difference between Extended Operating Pressure and Standard Operating Pressure?

-I am going to use this sensor because I need a very precise resolution at the water level (0 bar) and at 10/15cm (0.10 bar) below, can this sensor help me with the indicated resolution of .16mm?

Thank you!!!

Hi @jua123,

The sensor can operate in the “extended” range, but it’s less accurate than in the “standard” range. There are some accuracy charts on page 4 of the datasheet.

Note that resolution has to do with the increments used in the measurement output - it’s not the same thing as accuracy (which for this sensor depends on both temperature and pressure). If you have a piece of string that’s 9±0.5 cm long, and you use it to measure something as 5 lengths of that string, your final measurement has a resolution of 9cm, but the measurement you made may be inaccurate by up to 2.5 cm in either direction (assuming no additional human error while measuring).

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