Bar30 Pressure Sensor's Pressure Values are Too Low


We recently purchased a Bar30 pressure sensor. When using it in air, we expected pressure values around 101.3 kPa, but the sensor currently reads around 5 kPa. The temperature reading is accurate, but the pressure value seems too low.

We have tested it across multiple days, and the error is consistent, with the pressure hovering around 5 kPa.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue, and is there a way to fix this?


Thank you.

Hi @craigwang1, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Our Bar30 is specified to have an accuracy of ±200 mbar, and yours is off by about 1000 mbar which is well outside that range.

I’d recommend contacting to clarify whether you’ve been using the sensor as expected, and assuming you’ve been sent a product that isn’t performing to its specification we should be able to replace or refund it as appropriate. Please include your order number (or at least rough order date), and a link to this forum thread for context in your email.

Assuming the sensor element is damaged, likely not. That said, the Bar30 is generally used comparatively (i.e. by taking the pressure at the water surface as the zero point, and measuring pressure difference from there to estimate depth), so if the sensor has somehow ended up with a significant offset error that happens to not affect its scaling then it might still be usable as a depth sensor, we just can’t make guarantees about its performance.