Providing External Yaw to Ardusub

Is there any way to provide an external yaw measurement to the attitude estimation onboard the blueROV? I am attempting to perform experiments indoors and it seems the large metal posts on surrounding the testing tank are heavily influencing my onboard magnetometer. I have a more expensive IMU/Gyro on hand and I am wondering if I could run a separate RPY calculation from this sensor and provide it as an external yaw to the vehicle, given that this sensor is much more precise than the onboard gyro.

Hi @cmarq,

As a couple of relevant points:

  • there’s our discussion from last year on external IMU stuff
  • it’s possible to connect an external compass directly to the flight controller, and specify it using the COMPASS_EXTERNAL parameter
  • there’s an option for specifying heading in the GPS_INPUT MAVLink message, but I believe that also requires providing position estimates