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Proportional control of additional T200 Motor

Is there an easy way to proportionally control the speed of an additional T200 thruster motor via one of the Aux channels available on the PixHawk? With a spare T200 plugged into Aux 3 and using the button assignments function on the joystick page I can program two buttons to run the motor forwards or reverse at full speed but want to be able to control the speed, or at least run it at slower than full speed?
Anyone any thoughts on how to do this?

Did you try these options for the two buttons?

  • servo_1_inc: Increase Aux3 servo output by 50 pwm
  • servo_1_dec: Decrease Aux3 servo output by 50 pwm

Wasn’t aware that is an option. Unfortunately the menu on my version of QGC doesn’t expand fully so I only get a truncated view of the options. Anyway I’ll work out which option it is and try that.

Hi @nemorov,

You can click and drag the menus and pages to scroll if need be, and in menus you can generally also try typing the thing you’re looking for to jump to that section. The QGroundControl design philosophy mentions that

so if something doesn’t work as expected try to think about it in terms of how you’d interact with it on a tablet.

I had this issue previously on a Windows system I was using that just had a trackpad with no scrolling functionality. If you’ve gone looking for a solution for this, where have you looked? From memory I just figured it out at the time (this was before I was working for BR), but I can try to get it documented somewhere reasonable - curious as to whether you have any ideas on where that ‘reasonable’ place would be :slight_smile: