Propellerdesign and trust force in different Speed?

… wondering about bowtruster for my sailboat, and use a T200 for the job, and if its enough? …and is there another propeller variations on the table?.. (possible to make it moore efficient?, its Fast, so different angles?) any thoughts… need moore force but not high speed? (or for the BR2, if we increase the power, wouldnt we get less slip with higher angles?) …any thoughts around this…bec i think we lose a lot of power in slip?

…well sine im the only one here, ill tell myself what i found out, i had a brainstorm and suddenly remebered how we coated loudspeaker back in the days… 2 comp epoxyglue (Araditt)… heat it in a pot in the kitchen …and the steal your girfriends powder brush(Perfect brush for this) and have a thiin layer on the membran… Stiffer and faster response, (cut the centerdome and 1/3 of the spring of the membran (on the backside, make a "nuclear " sighn…and swoosh… loudspeake just went up to the double in quality ,respnse and clarity… so enough about my story to myself:rofl::rofl: …Sooo i did it again, but no heat and no loudspeakr, the T200 propeller, that i see weakness when we trust much power… the blades bends so Yes we loose a lot, ive been studying sleipner propellers for a day now and.i see Big potential to have Different propellers for different tasks… Fast or Powerful? so i have now coated the propeller blades in Epoxy and lets see how it goes, but the stiffer the better… thre isa reason why my Evinrude V8, cant use aluminium props… they bend;DD …so i will after trying this, but i feel i dont have to try, that we should make the propeller blades thiker and maby in a stronger material? …at least thicker in the case allmost until the edges,then Sharp… but im looking at a lot of different propellers now too… Ring trusters im still courious about, i know Oceaneering tried this with no sucsess, but maby in smaller ROV it will be a nice thing? moore entanglement… just turn in reverse and be free…:wink: …but ill start with strengthening the propellerblades, bec thats a Big loss if they bend… what can i say, restless here… next week in either Sailing and building my prototype of Loke Mk II on the boat (guess thats the first ROV prototype beeing build on a sailboat, but to my defence, i buildt Allmost the whole BR2 in the counch;D

It’s no good when the material yields, but a temporary flex isn’t all bad. We know that less pitch is for thrust and more pitch is for speed, but overworking a propellor causes the blades flatten out and when that happens they provide a boost in thrust which helps them get up to speed. There’s a propellor somewhere on Thingiverse that lets you change the number of blades, length, pitch, etc. Someday I’d like to print out a whole bunch and try them on some cheap Hobbyking motors.

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…i am sceptic to that when the propeller flatten out it gives a boost?.. if i put a aluminium propeller on my V8 outboard, when i reach a opint the blades have flatten out, and in the end the bend, but i loose moore and moore speed? (but im custom designing a propeller for this engine now, so i can ask in Winrace propellers, they might have a tip for this?:wink: …but i think in the end we are way better off with some stiffer propellers, and i also saw yesterday, that if we build the propeller to the cone, they will be moore efficient bec its moore surface that moves water? any thoughts BR? guess you have tried and failed on this?

…i coated a propeller yesterday with epoxy, and its moore stiff, but not stiff enough, but i guess it will be way better;)…will try with polyester and see;)