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Problems with bonding the Fanthom tether

(Magnus) #1

Hi guys, im struggeling with potting the teather to the penetrator. I have tried with a flexible marine grade epoxy (West systems G-flex 650) that works well with the thrusters and Scotchcast resin 40, but none seem to stick. I read that the jacket is PE, and that explains alot, as PE is really hard to bond well. Do you just rely on the potting between the individual strands? Using a propane torch on the PE jacket may help (Flame treatment).

I made a 3D printed mold that I thought would work well, but when I flex the cable, the Scotchcast lets go.

(Harold Scadden) #2

Anyone who is trying to bond to PE or other low surface energy substrates should look at the products that RelTek LLC has. Their link is: http://reltekllc.com/

I have used their products in the submarine community and they have done development / testing for me in the past.

The price tag is more than likely going to gag you, but you get what you pay for and I know their primers etc. work. Price seems to be the major delimiter between the hobby world and commercial / military.

(Michael) #3

We chemically etched the umbilical before bonding. We purchased a pint of Acton Technologies FluoroEtch product.

We spliced a SubConn undersea electrical connector onto the umbilical which is indeed jacketed with a polyethylene cover. We etched both the umbilical and the pigtail on the SubConn 8 pin connector.

We used a 3M 82-F1 splice kit. Worked like a charm.

(Tim) #4

Magnus, what was the surface preparation before you tried the G-flex? I would expect G-flex to stick better if the tether had been sanded and/or flame treated first.

You might experiment with the contents of this kit:


It’s available at Home Depot in the U.S. It’s on my to-do list to try various methods for bonding the tether, one of which includes using that Loctite product to bond O-rings to the tether before potting with the Scotchcast rubber.