Pressure sensor stuck on same value

I just replaced a Bar30 a High-Resolution 300m Depth/Pressure Sensor on my AUV. The problem is that the new pressure sensor is returning the same value, the code has not been changed and was working with the previous pressure sensor. We tested the sensor by running the code on air and putting the AUV in water, the output value is stuck at -33 feet regardless of being submerged.

Can you please share a picture of how you have everything connected? These sensors are really sensitive, and you should solder or crimp wires wherever possible. If you are prototyping, using a high quality breadboard and jumper wires wilil be necessary.

The sensor wires are crimped and soldered with the connectors wires. All the wires are the same length.

  • What is the total length of the wires? I2C bus is not suitable for long distances. 10-12" is the maximum you should use.
  • Why did the first sensor need to be replaced?
  • What speed are you driving the bus?
  • Can you share your code?
  • Have you connected scl and sda to any 5V I/O? The maximum rating on the sensor is 3.3V