Powering the ESC 500 with a DIGISHUO DC 24V 50A 1200W Power Supply Transformer

Hi there, we are attempting to tether the thruster. When initially plugging in the esc and thruster to our 24V 50A power source (power transformer) it worked great and was fully operational (spinning on command). When doing it again however with no signal wires connected it fried. Any ideas why this might have happened? Can the ESC be powered with this power source? All tests were conducted dry and the thruster never ran more than 10-20 seconds.

Hi @pknopf, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

24V is within the 7-26V supply voltage rating for our Basic ESC 500, so the main reasons I can think of for your ESC getting fried are if

  1. The power supply has a voltage spike (above the rated output level) when it is turned on
    • You could check this with an oscilloscope, if you have access to one
  2. You accidentally connected the power supply wires the wrong way around, and supplied the voltage to the ESC backwards (giving it -24V instead of +24V)
  3. A component of the ESC did not meet its specification, and failed unexpectedly
    • If this is the case, we should be able to replace the ESC for you

If you’re reasonably sure you didn’t connect the power wires the wrong way around then I’d recommend contacting support@bluerobotics.com to start the RMA process. If you go that route then please provide a link to this forum thread for context, along with your order number (or at least rough order date).