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Powering camera and getting video feed via Fathom-S

I’m looking at purchasing the Fathom-S to get a small analog camera video feed over 200 m of cable. I was wondering if I could also power it from the topside considering it’s a camera that only need 5V and 200 mA of current (But it can take from 5V to 36V). I dont have any motors to power so the electric charge would be the camera and the Fathom-S. For that, I think I would need 2 twisted pair of wire but correct me if I am wrong.

The power drop doesnt really bother me since I could power it on the dock via 120 AC current and switch it to 12 or 24VDC.

What you guys think?

The camera will try and turn voltage higher than 5v into heat, it has an onboard linear voltage regulator. You can’t use a fathom S to send video, you need some more electronics between the camera and the link. A Fathom S is a data link intended to give you control over thrusters and servos, and to send video from a Raspberry Pi’s camera or a webcam topside to your computer.

It sounds like you are building a drop camera, so all you need is a watertight housing for the camera and a small battery (a 2S 2200ma lipo would work). Buy some video baluns to send clear video from the camera to your topside LCD monitor.

Where are you dropping this thing? Remember, if it’s dark down there, yer gonna need some lights. You can coat these with epoxy resin to waterproof them. They would require a 3S lipo though.

They only use 2 wires, so if you are using Cat5 buy that 4-pair pack and put some more analog cameras in the WTC, because without thrusters, the camera will swing back and forth, never pointing at what you want.

Put a DVR topside to record one of the video feeds.

FYI You can use Fathom S boards to send just analog video signal up a single twisted pair.

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Thanks a lot for the answers! Didn’t knew video Balun could do this job. Would it be possible to power my whole setup without battery if we are thinking about 200 meters and 1 or 2 watts of power necessary?

Dunno. I’m a pretty big fan of batteries. Especially if you wanna light up the bottom. But there is a way to run high-voltage, low-amp DC down the tether. Others need to chime in for that.

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