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Drop camera and fathom-x

Hello everyone,
I link back to this old post Drop/Handheld/Mounted Cam Project
I state that unfortunately I understand very little about electricity and electronics. My English is also poor, but I cook fairly well.
I understand that by using a pair of Fathom-x at the two ends of a two-wire cable it is possible to receive the images taken by an ip camera and power it at the same time. If correct, could someone very nice to post a very simple drawing for true ignoramuses from which I can figure out how to make the connections? Again: do the two wires have to be twisted? If so, can I use the fathom ROV Tether sold by BlueRobotics? If so, with the other 3 pairs of twisted cables is it possible to think about powering and controlling a Lumen Subsea Light? If so, what should be the DC power supply voltage for a 150m long tether?
Many thanks and sorry if the questions were to be very stupid. Iā€™m sure you will only give me clever answers.

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