Power feed to Navigator/Raspberry PI 4

Hey all,

I’m setting up a new Ardusub vehicle using Raspberry PI 4 and Navigator.
My hardware engineer is concerned about the power pin ratings for the main power connector.

According to the Navigator Hardware setup docs, the system requires +5v at more than 4.5A.
But the ratings for the power pins (from my hardware engineer) is only 3A.

Can someone please inform me as to the discrepancy regarding this issue?
My engineer has concerns about the reliability of this connection.

Thank you, in advance, for all information.

Mark Kozikowski

Hi Mark -
5V power is connected in two places to the navigator(#1 and #18), so there shouldn’t be an issue!

Additionally, the system does not require 4.5A, but that is the “Maximum Power Delivery to Raspberry Pi and Peripherals
The 3A current rating may vary depending on the type of header pin used as well.