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Positive pressure pump

Since detecting leaks can be cumbersome, it would be nice to change your pump to one that can provide negative or positive pressure for detecting air bubbles in a tub.

Hi Etienne,

This is a clever idea. We would also need to retain the end-caps better so that the positive pressure doesn’t push them off. We are working on a solution for that across our whole watertight enclosure line, so I think this would be a practical thing to do eventually.


Sorry if this is a bit vague

Perhaps this could be integrated with a leak detection system similar to the underwater camera housings

I can’t remember what UW housing system does it (the vague part) but I am sure there is one where you turn on the circuit and then preform a negative pressure test prior to the dive and once passed you can also put a slight positive pressure into the housing and this positive pressure is monitored for decay (temperature compensated) and a warning is given if the pressure falls below a level similar to the negative pressure decay warnings in this, this and this