Plug-and-Play Stereo Depth Mapping for BlueROV2

Stereo Lab’s ZED 2i has proven itself to be an easy to use depth-sensing and spatial-mapping camera for autonomous robotics. The Sexton Corporation has made ROV mounted housings for StereoLabs cameras including the original Zed and the Zed mini. We are excited to introduce a new housing, called the Zed Head, that allows the Zed2i and Zed Box to be used on the BlueROV2 at depths up to 140m.

ZED Head

Sexton’s ZedHead includes a StereoLabs Zed 2i camera and Zed Box (Orin NX 8GB version) and connects to the ROV for power and data. With 1.4 lbs. negative buoyancy, we recommend using this on the BlueROV2 with the Heavy Configuration Add-on and the Payload Skid.

Video processing with the Zed SDK can be done on the edge or routed to the control laptop with a 5-Port Ethernet switch over the Fathom BlueROV Tether. Operators can access a live stream of the Zed camera in combination with the SDK tools. During initial pool testing we were able to quickly generate point cloud models and view a live Depth Map using the Zed SDK. The Depth Map tool was able to clearly define features such as bubbles, divers, and the overall shape of the pool in which we tested.

The ease of use and full color cameras are suited for a wide range of documentation and underwater mapping tasks. This tool provides depth mapping capabilities at a lower price point than most sonar solutions and can enable more accurate manipulator movements. By using 3D Object Detection, Spatial Mapping, and the onboard IMU/magnetometer data, super users should be able to fully automate the BlueROV2.

We’re excited to see what our customers can do!