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PLC 230 V AC wiht Fathom-X

I am looking for a PLC for industry that can perform the comunication in 230 AC.
Because its impossible if i use the fathom-x not yet?

What kind of communication are you trying to do? What are you trying to connect to and from, and what kind of information or signal are you trying to send/receive?

The Fathom-X is for ethernet communication, which is digital. It’s not a PLC, and also wouldn’t do anything useful with a 230V AC signal.

Thanks for the information. Im trying to send digital signal and recived a video signal but i need do that in a 230v AC cable. Can you help me?
Sorry for my english and thanks.

No worries :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s how the BlueROV system is set up :slight_smile:

Do you mean you want to use a cable that is capable of handling 230V AC signals to send the existing digital communication signals, or do you mean you need to send 230V AC signals instead of the current digital communication ones?

  1. For the first option, the digital signals should send correctly over any twisted pair of wires that has a wire gauge (thickness) of 12-30 AWG, as specified in the fathom-X technical details section.
  2. If you need to actually send 230V AC signals instead of the current ethernet ones, you’ll need to buy (or make) a converter that can turn internet protocol packets into the type of signal that can be understood by what you’re trying to connect it to. To help more in depth you would need to tell us what kind of signal you need to receive, or at least the device that you want to send the signal to.
    If you only want the video then it may not be possible to perform such a conversion, because the fathom-X + tether combination is currently used to transmit the video stream as well as the mavlink commands and telemetry, and possibly also data from other components like a sonar (if you have one installed).

okay, its the second option. Im going to connect a surface whit a Jetson nano of Nvidea. But i dont know how make that converter that can turn internet protocol.

I haven’t used a Jetson Nano before, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have anything to do with 230V AC signals. Do you have something else you’re trying to connect to that’s expecting a signal like that? How have you determined that a 230V AC signal is important for your application?

As mentioned in my previous comment, without knowing what device and signal protocol you’re needing/wanting to connect to it’s not possible to provide more in depth help.

I know but its the only way, i cant use the wifi of the jetson and the only cable is on 230V AC,
the signal cannot be changed because it must work with those conditions

I’m still new and they asked me to make this communication possible this communication, so i dont know the signal protocol but i think they used ethernet protocol

The Fathom-X is made for ethernet transmissions, but as mentioned earlier ethernet is digital and doesn’t really make sense on a 230V AC cable. I’d suggest getting clarification from whoever has asked you to do the work. At this stage I can’t tell whether your situation is as easy as plugging in the cable, or as involved as designing a custom PCB and the firmware to go with it. That’s far too big of a range to provide any meaningful help in - more information is required about what the problem is that you’re actually trying to solve.