Pixhawk power module and maximum current


What is the expected maximum current of the blueROV using 6 thrusters (T200) when operating under normal conditions?
Will the “power module 90A” which comes with the pixhawk be able to handle the current, given it is in series with the motors, or should it be placed in parallel with the motors instead? As far as i understand the theoretical maximum current using 6 T200 thrusters will be around 120A, but i guess that will only happen under extreme situations?

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The current sensing resistor on the 3DR Power Module is only rated for 90A. According to their documentation, they recommend using a different current sensor for 90A+ (Archived Topic: Attopilot 180A Voltage and Current Sensor — Copter documentation).

When using 6 T200s, we usually connect the power to the power module so that it can provide 5V to the Pixhawk, but we don’t use to measure current.