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PIng1D Firmware update failure via companion

Unable to update the firmware on a Ping running v3.26 to v3.27 via companion 0.0.18

Stopping proxy server…
Opening /dev/serial/ping/Ping1D-id-0-t-1-m-1-v-3.26 at 115200 bps
Sending device to bootloader…
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/companion/tools/PingBootloader.py”, line 51, in
bootloader_msg = PingMessage(pingmessage.PING1D_GOTO_BOOTLOADER)
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘PING1D_GOTO_BOOTLOADER’

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I have similar issue how to solve this problem…please let me know, appreciate for helping … really need help.

Additional information, if I close the screen and attempt it manually it fails to init the device.

./stm32flash_armv7l -v -g 0x0 -b 115200 -w /home/pi/Ping-V3.27_115kb.hex /dev/serial/ping/Ping1D-id-0-t-1-m-1-v-3.26
stm32flash 0.5


Using Parser : Intel HEX
Interface serial_posix: 115200 8E1
Failed to init device.


Thank you for reporting this problem.
I opened an issue to track it.

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Thank you very much for that Willian, appreciate it. Out of curiosity, do you know what changes were between the v3.26 to v3.27 (I haven’t been able to find release info)? Wondering if it is worth doing a tear down to direct update it now if the changes are fairly important or wait until next time I do.


The 3.26 to 3.37 update aims to fix some problems related to protocol implementation to work with the last version of our libraries and programs