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Ping Altimeter measurement frequency?

Hi all,

I searched for the measurement frequency of the Ping Altimeter but have not found it yet. Anyone has any idea about that?

It seems relate to setting in Ping viewer. I found that

I have downloaded and run the software but cannot adjust EMIT PING since there is no connection with the Altimeter. What is the maximum value that you can set for that?

Thanks and regards

Hi Lam,

With ping-viewer it’s possible to go up to 30Hz and with access to the library you can do tests with 50Hz.
We usually set a frequency that does not overlap emitted pings, E.g:

  • The maximum frequency for 1500m/s@30m would be 25Hz since the signal needs to travel 30 meters to hit the target and more 30 meters to hit ping. (1500[m/s]/60[m] = 25[1/s] = 25[Hz])

Thanks for your quick reply.
It sounds great that the Ping Altimeter works at that high frequency.

And I have another question concerning Minimum Range. Is it possible to adjust to a lower value (less than 0.5m) with access to the library?