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Issue with setting pinger speed of sound

Hi all,

In Ping Viewer, I’m having trouble adjusting the speed of sound used for distance calculations. I’ve been trying to “Speed of Sound” for each one of my Pingers, which are all Pinger Sonar Altimeter and Echosounders, through Ping Viewer. Whenever I change the speed of sound a value other than 1500 m/s, like 343 m/s, it always defaults back to 1500 m/s no matter what I’ve tried. Is there a method to stop the speed of sound from defaulting back to 1500 m/s?

Hi @CBW3750,

By default Ping-Viewer uses the following limit [1400, 1600] m/s, we choose this limit since the sensor was projected to work underwater and it’s not possible for the speed of sound to get out of this limit in this condition.

But, if you are really willing to check if Ping works with air (spoiler: it does), you can enable Ping-Viewer debug mode, with this mode the graphic interface will remove all limits and allow the user to have full control over all parameters. As a side note, remember that this mode is only for debug and development, we don’t guarantee that everything will work under this mode, but I believe that freedom with risks is better than restrictions. And to avoid any problem, we don’t recommend the use of this mode :slight_smile: