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Painting the Ping Sonar

Our team is crazy about the aesthetics of our vehicle and we recently ordered a Ping sonar. We’re wondering if there are any suggestions for painting the device?

In other words, is it feasible to remove the metal ring and penetrator to be painted without damaging the product?

Hi Benji,

The sensor is sensible to structure modifications and mainly in the transducer, any slight modification can result in wrong measurements.

Everything that is over the transducer will create reflections between the interfaces (transducer/(painting?)/water) resulting in a lower SNR and consequently in constructive/destructive signals.

The exterior part of the main body can be painted in the exterior part, but as said before, it should take care with the transducer.

Disassembling the Ping isn’t recommended as the wires from the penetrator are pushed into their contacts and then the excess is cut off. There isn’t any extra wire to do the procedure again.

As Patrick mentioned, painting the aluminum housing should be ok without disassembly, but no paint should come in contact with the black epoxy on the transducer head.