Out of the box upgrade fail

Just had a great afternoon setting up our BlueROV2 and running up on the desk and… Following instructions, went to upgrade from 0.0.17 and it mentioned 0.0.28 was ready and all looked ok until the website install log stopped around lxml, and hung. A bit later, my current consumption from battery went to 0. So reboot and it came up as saying 0.0.28 ready and then clicked the “Stable” button for Ardu sub and then, nothing. Now my sub seems bricked.

When I connect, the tether link is green, but no network response on via ping or network/web.

The Pi to me looks like SD card corruption, no flashing LEDs other than network, and current consumption down from ~0.5A @ 14.8V to 0.4A @ 14.8V.

Next steps? Am I am root canal, full electronics removal? Bit of a let down really.


Hi @BenB, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you were having a great afternoon, and sorry to hear it ended prematurely.

The update to >= 0.0.27 is expected to take about 20 minutes, including some steps where it seems to have because it’s compiling some code (there’s some more info here).

During updates it’s expected that the connection to the autopilot board is stopped because some of the components that are making that connection work are being updated. That includes sending updated info about the power consumption, since that’s monitored by the autopilot board.

Connection to the companion computer usually takes about 30 seconds from startup. Since that was working correctly for you before then it’s unlikely to be a network settings issue, in which case I’d assume something’s gone wrong while updating.

There are some instructions for the easiest way to access the electronics once assembled here. I’d suggest you try flashing the latest companion image onto your SD card using the instructions provided here. If that doesn’t work, or if the web interface isn’t running once that’s back in then I expect your SD card is corrupted, in which case you’ll likely need to use a different one.

Once you have a working web interface you can check if the autopilot is being detected by as a Serial device on the System page, and has a valid ArduSub version, and is connecting successfully to QGroundControl. If it’s appearing in the web interface but not in QGC then you can try updating ArduSub again, and if that doesn’t work you can make a direct USB connection from the pixhawk to your topside computer and flash a new firmware using QGC.

Hopefully you can get your ROV back up and running without too much hassle :slight_smile: