Omniscan 450 Installation

I am in the middle of an installation comprising of ping 2 echosounder and Omniscan 450 sidescan sonars. I am curious as to how hot these sidescan main boards get before I install them in a fairly air tight enclosure. Our boat is a custom design and main hatches will be opened every mission so all electronics need to be enclosed to prevent salt air exposure. The sonars have been run on the bench submerged and are drawing less than 1amp at 12v so I cant see them generating that much heat?

Hi @andrewjamez,

@ljlukis is likely the best person to respond to this, but it will likely help if you provide some more information about the size, wall thickness, material(s), and colour of your enclosure, along with how much water contact and sun exposure the enclosure is expected to get.

HI, the electronics will not be in direct sunlight. The boat hull is watertight during operation. It is white on the top side so won’t be heated by sun light very much. The hull design is glass over foam however, so the hull is very insulative. The compartment bay is 3-4 cubic ft and the enclosure I had planned for the omniscan electronics boards have them together in a thin-walled plastic enclosure with little spare space around them.

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