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Ocean testing locations for ROV - LA area?

Hi! I’m part of a MATE team and for fun we wanted to test out our ROV in the ocean in the LA area. Is there a place we can go to with outlets so we can test out our ROV?

Hi @marcelo_miller,

I’m not in the LA area so have asked our team for suggestions - I’ll get back to you with any responses/recommendations, although perhaps some community members will respond first :slight_smile:

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Hi @marcelo_miller!

Our friends at AltaSea at the Port of LA could be a great place to dive. Could you send me an email (elisa@bluerobotics.com) and I can put you in touch with the appropriate AltaSea humans? :slight_smile:


Hi! Thank you so much for your help! Unfortunately the team decided to pursue other things instead, but when we do have time in the future, we’ll be sure to send an email.

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