O-ring Nibbling on Wetlink Penetrators


I have been successfully using an ROV with a 4" underwater enclosure with 6 T200s with the proper Wetlink connectors. Today, the vacuum test failed unexpectedly. I have been individually testing each penetrator to diagnose the problem, and found that the o-rings between the T200 wetlinks and the bulkhead looked like they had a bite taken out of them. I researched this problem a little, and found that it is very common. Should I just replace these o-rings? How can I prevent this issue from happening again?

Makenna Reilly

Hi @Makenna,

I asked about this internally, and was told

The installing penetrators section of our BlueROV2 assembly guide may be a helpful reference, especially from step 4.

We’d be interested to see the sources for this, as it doesn’t match our experience.

Yep - if the o-rings are damaged they should be replaced.
We sell spares, if you don’t have any available.

Thank you for the tips on install! I did further research since this post and found a resource comparing nibbling and installation issues and found that while the nibbling image looked similar to my issue, the installation issues made much more sense based on the application and placement of the problem I was facing. I will make sure to follow those instructions carefully as I replace the o-rings. Thanks again!

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