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BlueROV2 vacuum failure!

Our BlueROV2 worked fine in the testing pool, but since it’s first undersea operation (40m deep) the vacuum failed.

We examined all aspects following the manual. Finally the submersion test confirmed that the leaks were through the cables/wires and not through the o-ring seals. What is the proper way to deal with that?

After some gentle pull the sealing fell apart… :fearful:

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1: What type of sealant do you use? Looks like its coming loose there
2: Also, it appears that the cable is not properly centered in the penetrator, hence the sealing material is not properly encapsulating the cable.

Hi @Terpsiphone,

That doesn’t look right at all! Please email us at support@bluerobotics.com and we’ll take care of it.


Thanks, Oystein and Adam.

I am not clear what the black sealant is. We simply bought BlueROV2 as a set and built it up following the “Kit Assembly” page. Only after posting the problem did I found another web page about how to prepare cable penetrator. It seems that BlueROV2 penetrators were shipped without marine expoxy sealing (as the photo in the original post). Shall we fill the penetrator ourselves? If so, that should be clearly stated in the Kit Assembly!

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The documentation you linked to is very out of date, we have not been making penetrators like that for some time. We’re currently in the middle of a major documentation update and move, and this is one of those things we have not gotten to updating quite yet.

We are potting almost all penetrators on the BlueROV2 right now with our Wetlink Thixotropic 80A Compound, using the technique described in the corresponding documentation. Note that the back of the penetrators is no longer potted, and it is unnecessary to do so. There is no additional potting required in the BlueROV2 assembly.

We have thoroughly tested our new compound and technique, and it is even higher performing and more reliable than the old method while being easier to pot. However, in your case it looks like a defect of some kind occurred, which is why we would like you to contact us at support@bluerobotics.com.