Nuts in the side panel may go out

Nuts in the side panel may go out if carry it by one hand(holding side panel by one hand with ballast).


It looks like the screws that hold the side panel on were over-tightened. If you use a long enough lever on an 3 mm hex key, you can pull the threaded inserts all the way out if you really want to. Which is why we recommend tightening the side panel screws while grabbing the short end of the 3mm hex key.

I just tested the threaded inserts and they can individually handle 40 pounds (18 kilograms), so you would have to have over 240 pounds pulling on them for them to come out like that.

If the threaded inserts are loose, you can disassemble the frame, then rotate them 30 degrees and press them back in or hammer them back in. If the threaded inserts are still solid just sticking out a bit the ROV will function fine like that, but do not tighten the side panel screws further they will just keep pulling the threaded inserts out.



thank you very much!