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No Instrument Panel?

Greetings All…for some reason I do not have an instrument panel in my QGCS software? I am much more familiar with Mission Planner, so I don’t know all the menus for QGCS. Please note, this is a drop cam sensor package that has no thrusters, I used a pixhawk in the build so I could view and record data in QGCS. want to be able to see the pressure and temp on the main QGCS screen…I have uninstalled and reinstalled QGCS and this did not fix it. Here is my screen:

Any ideas?

I guess they changed the location of it to a text box down at the bottom of the screen. Figured it out after connecting a rover and having some telemetry data show up down there.

Anyway problem solved!

Hi ,
for getting your instrument panel , follow the steps
open QGC - go to general settings page - check ’ Use Vertical Instrument Panel’ box


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Thanks Sudjeeshk! I got it to show up at the bottom of the screen, next to the camera view.

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