Night Dive at Keyhaven, Hampshire UK

Hi guys first post here. Finally finished building my ROV utilising mostly BlueROV2 components & design but also with a few DIY components too (I’m calling it a hybrid BlueROV!), part of what makes Blue Robotics so awesome - cheers guys! Plenty of crabs and a few other little surprises at Kingers Rocks in Keyhaven. Max depth was a humble 6m.

Going big tomorrow with a wreck dive near Torquay



Thanks for sharing. Looks like there’s a lot of sea life to watch in that area.

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Hi @Russ, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Was a fun watch - thanks for sharing!

I particularly enjoyed the crab jumping off the rock at 2:25, the rippled sand at 3:21, and the fun perspective of the drone shots from above. I also think you matched the music well with the mood of the scenes :slight_smile:

Hope this goes well!


That was awesome Russ, great stuff. It makes the work and expense involved worth it, doesn’t it.

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Cheers @btrue, I was surprised at the marine life down there. Looking forward to getting more dives in and sharing footage :slight_smile:

Thanks Elliot, I think those crabs were in the middle of something there…

:100: great feeling getting the ROV in the water the first few times

Might’ve been…

Hopefully they weren’t too crabby about the interruption, floodlights, and film camera :joy: