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Need advice on seabotix lbv 150/2

Hello :slight_smile:
a guy from my town is willing to sell me his seabotix lbv 150/2. But I have no idea how much it a they cost. I checked on the internet but I cannot fin any informations.
If you can help me out.
thanks a lot

Hi @eric84200,

I did a quick search for “buy seabotix lbv 150/2” and found these two links:

Hopefully that’s useful :slight_smile:

yes it is thanks!
the first one I think the website is a fake. For the second one looks like it’s been sold by the authorities of Australia.
I tried to contact teledyne marine but they did not answer…

Hi Eric,

The last one I seen for sale on a site i use was this one.

SeaBotix LBV 150-2 (NTSC) c/w brushless thrusters, 100m umbilical, grabber


and also this

2 x SeaBotix LBV 150-2 c/w 100m umbilicals & basic spares kits €8,800 each

Unless its VERY cheap - dont! - voice of bitter experience!!