Navigator PyMavLink question

Is there a way to use PyMavLink from the RaspberryPI that is attached to the navigator and not a companion computer. When using the example code for ardusub, which tries to udpout at port 9000, no connection can be made. I’m trying to run a python script that connects to the navigator from the pi attached to it using pymavlink.



Hi @plwin07, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Companion had a MAVLink server endpoint at port 9000 that was shared between various Pymavlink connections. BlueOS uses mavlink-routerd instead of mavproxy, and that automatically filters out messages from any systems other than the first one to connect to a given endpoint → accordingly each endpoint can now only connect to a single system.

To work around that you can either

  1. create a new endpoint for your program to connect to (requires pirate mode), at an otherwise unused port (port 9000 should be usable if you want)
  2. connect to an existing endpoint (e.g. 14001) and ensure your Pymavlink script’s mavlink_connection is using the same system id (source_system) as the existing connection(s)