Navigator Flight Controller Start-Up Error


I have purchased the Navigator Flight Controller and am using it for a drone application. I am observing a weird error that occurs with BlueOS. I have two primary methods of accessing the flight controller/computer. The first is using an ethernet cable to connect to my computer so that I can use ground control software to calibrate the flight controller’s sensors and Ardupilot settings. The second method I use is that I have set up the Raspberry Pi to automatically connect to a router that I connect my computer to in order to wirelessly monitor and execute code on the Raspberry Pi. Recently, I have encountered an issue when connecting to the Raspberry Pi using the latter method.

Whenever I connect to the Raspberry Pi using the router, it seems like the flight controller is not being sensed by the Raspberry Pi. Through the BlueOS API when I look at the Ardupilot parameters, I either can’t see any sensors connected to the flight controller or I get limited data streaming from some of the sensors. For instance, I have connected a TF03 LiDAR to the flight controller. Whenever I use the latter method to connect to the flight controller I cannot see the rangefinder parameter that is initialized when the LiDAR is connected properly. Additionally, I cannot see other sensors like radio receivers (for me it’s the TBS Crossfire) , and even onboard sensors like the IMU are not transmitting all data streams they are capable of measuring (I can see angular velocity and linear acceleration measurements but not orientation data). The picture below shows the typical output on the BlueOS API of what I can access using the router method to connect to the Raspberry Pi.

This behavior is contrasted to when I connect to the Raspberry Pi using an ethernet cable. In that case, I get the full proper start-up of the flight controller/computer. I can access all of the peripheral devices connected to the flight controller, and it looks like Ardupilot is being fully initialized based on the sensor data that it is connected to.

I am not sure why this behavior is occurring. It seems very odd that I am required to use an ethernet cable to fully initialize the connection to the flight controller and Ardupilot. I am trying to debug why this is occurring because it is not optimal to connect to an ethernet cable to fully bring up my system, and if system restarts occur and an ethernet cable is not connected during the bring-up then I cannot access any of the sensors/actuators connected to the flight controller. So I want to understand why this is occurring and how to eliminate this behavior. I’m guessing the issue has to do with how BlueOS is requesting data from Ardupilot, but I’m not explicitly sure how BlueOS requests data, so I’m not sure how to proceed with debugging this. So any help is appreciated.