Multibeam Sonar Applications

Hello all,

We’re considering some forward facing multibeam (FFMB) options because we have found it in a job specification recently.

I’m hoping to learn from other users what applications they have found FFMB useful for before we invest. I understand it assists navigation/obstacle avoidance in turbid water similar to the Ping360 and I recall this thread where it has been used for S&R. Has anyone used them for structural inspections for example?

Any other applications where FFMB has been important?

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Gav - I’d point you towards the Sound Metris ARIS (expensive) for structual inspections. The higher frequency Oculus M3000d model may also provide enough detail but I do not have direct experience with those models.
ARIS Sonar
Oculus M3000d

We also are in the early stages of releasing our new, low-cost, FFMB called the ECHO. Entry level priced but still provides a very useful details (not for structual inspections).
ECHO Videos

Hope this helps a little.


Hi Gav -
I’d checkout Cerulean sonar’s latest offering - the omniscan. With two, you get position data as if from a DVL, and in general it acts similar to a combination of a scanning sonar and a multi beam, in that the scan is swept around from the motion of the vehicle itself. I’ve not used it first-hand yet, but it looks quite impressive and the team at Cerulean are all certifiable geniuses!

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