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Announcing new multibeam imaging sonar from Cerulean Sonar

Cerulean Sonar Insight-240
Cerulean’s first imaging sonar is a forward looking, 240 kHz, 100m range, 100m depth rated system. Four receive transducer modules provide 16 channels each for a total of 64 channels, and 1 degree effective beam width. The transmit beam ensonifies a 90 degree horizontal by 20 degree vertical area.
Insight-240 alpha

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Looks awesome @ljlukis!

Really interested to see what people can do with this - the rapid refresh of multibeam is always cool to watch :slight_smile:

Are you thinking this will have its own interface, or are you guys planning to integrate it into Ping Viewer? :slight_smile:

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We currently have a C++/QT viewer app that we have been using in development, but we are working on a new Javascript viewer for the release.

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Fantastic work, @ljlukis! That looks great and the price is very reasonable. The video on your product page looks great and the range is impressive.

I’m excited to see this in person and try it out.