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Modify ArduSub motor matrix without reboot

I believe I have a need to modify the ArduSub mRo thruster matrix without the need to reboot.
Is there a way I can change the table in the AP_Motors6DOF file without causing a reboot of the system?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @mark,

I’m afraid that is not possible without substantial work. You would need a mavlink message to tap into the motors matrix.


Thanks for the information. I am willing to try to do this, can you give a quick list of the work that will be needed?

I would need to create a new mavlink message and update the message handler. But what area of code would need to be modified to access the motors matrix when the message is received?

I have created a custom matrix, but I am not sure how this gets used by the code.



Is there a software description document I can read that describes the Ardupilot code?

First, find a suitable message or create a new one.

You will need to update the output functions at AP_Motors6DOF.cpp to use your variable matrix.