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Modified some Modified T100 Thrusters

Several years ago, I built Seafox and Seaperch (From Harry Bohm & Vickie Jensen’s book) with my middle school technology club. Using dc motors with film canisters, and bilge pumps worked. After 4 schools and now teaching High School, I am finally going to start a robotics club again. This time it will be HS and MS, that’s the plan at least. As I investigate the advances in ROV building I find myself leaning to more current technologies vs old school. So to my modification. I have been playing around with building an example ROV and found this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1885402 I thought this is cool as a budget option for students to build a thruster. I printed a couple of them. They use bolts to attach, I found that bolts through PVC pipe really does not work as well as you would like. So, I modified his modification to work with PVC. tell me what you think, or tell me I am crazy.

I think it’s great!

What material are you printing with?

Thank you,
I will be putting it up on thingiverse once I clean it up a bit.
My prototype in picture is PLA, the plan is PETG or ABS.

I’ve wondered how PLA would fare for thrusters. I figure if it lasted the summer, that’d be good enough. Your print looks a little cold. What printer and slicer are you using?

Ender 3 with Cura

I’m a noob, but Simplify3D’s default settings are really good with PLA and the Ender 3. I tried printing PETG on a Qidi X-Pro and it was a nightmare, then I found the link below and it’s down to fine tuning. Maybe it’d be spot on with eSun, but I was using the MatterHackers stuff. The settings are step-for-step if you were using Simplify3D, so it may seem like it’s skipping around in Cura. Bookmark it in case you have troubles later on.