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Meanwhile in Finland

(Niko Nappu) #1

#HiLIFEresearchstations #RESTAT_UHEL #ROV After yesterday’s successful test in the lake Pääjärvi @LammiStation I decided to make a short video.

(Jacob) #2

Thanks for sharing @Niko_Nappu!

(Rusty) #3

Niko, very nice! Thanks for sharing. Looks cold there :wink:

(Niko Nappu) #4


Today is a bit colder day, about minus 25 (dig. cent.). Anyhow, after one hour we are going to the lake again. We need to get the balance right and get a bit more depth this time. The purpose is also to test the side scan sonar.

(Jacob) #5

Wow, what is the water temperature?

(Niko Nappu) #6

Damn it was cold today on the surface. The water is warm [sic], just between 0 and +2 degrees :slight_smile: