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Mavlink and Autonomous Missions

I am planning to work on autonomous missions. I will use pymavlink but something confused me. I want to process images by the computer. That’s why I thought that Raspberry Pi 3B can be used. As you know Ardusub does not support other models. I assume that on the computer side images will be processed and according to that necessary pwm parameters can be sent to the vehicle thanks to pymavlink.

Am I right? Otherwise, Raspberry Pi 3B doesn’t look like it has enough power for image processing.


Hi @Sena,

The Pi is not ideal for image processing, it really depends on what exactly your processing is going to be. You could get away with processing reduced image sizes at a low framerate, but don’t expect to process HD video @ 30fps.

I would just do the image processing on the topside with a more powerful machine, and then send the commands to the ROV via MAVLink.